Course Timings

Time is Precious

Because you are busy we provide detailed information on the duration of each course InVision video plus expected duration of each hands-on exercise. You then have all the information you need to plan when you can fit in your training. You may wish to study one morning a week, or once a day or really go for it and follow an entire course over a few days. Accreditation information is also available for each course. This shows the value of each course in terms of awarded CPD points and study hours. This detailed timing and accreditation information is available for users with a licenced user account who are logged in.

Maximum Concentration
Course sections are split so they are the right length for you to maintain optimum concentration and learn effectively.

Accreditation Value
Completing each course gains you CPD points and study hours.

Detailed Timings
Full information is available for users with an account that have logged in.
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