About Sological Solutions: Empowering GIS Excellence

Since January 1997, Sological Solutions has been at the forefront of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) services. Our commitment to excellence sets us apart:

1. Pioneers in GIS Training:

  • We were the first company to offer independent GIS training in the UK.
  • Our expertise initially focused on Esri GIS products, and we swiftly expanded to include MapInfo and QGIS training.

2. Expertise Meets Real-World Application:

  • Our specialist training team develops and maintains our training material.
  • Each team member brings real-world GIS experience from diverse sectors — local government, marine environments, petroleum, utilities, and more.
  • We ensure our training content addresses the practical challenges of maximizing investments in ArcGIS, ArcGIS Pro, and QGIS.

3. Tailored Training Solutions:

  • From our own comprehensive programs to bespoke training, we’ve served a wide range of clients in diverse industry sectors.
  • Our expertise extends to customized programs that elevate GIS users’ skills and empower specialists across various application areas.

4. Beyond Training: Innovative Services and Products

  • We didn’t stop at training. Sological Solutions developed a suite of GIS-based services and products.
  • Over the years, our team has developed innovative solutions to enhance proprietary GIS software.
  • We pioneered the Data Enhancement Service for the UK’s GIS data users, revolutionizing data quality.
  • We have advised companies on recruitment decisions, helping them choose the right applicant for their crucial GIS roles.

GIS247: Empowering Global Learning in Geospatial Technology

At GIS247, we bridge the gap between knowledge and accessibility. As an initiative by Sological Solutions, we’ve transformed our expert training into a dynamic eLearning platform, accessible to a global audience. We were the first to deliver comprehensive online GIS training courses, complete with practical exercises and relevant data.

Here’s how GIS247 benefits you:

1. Global Reach, Company-Wide Access

  • We offer company-based access to our comprehensive courses and modules worldwide.
  • Flexible Learning: GIS users can access training precisely when they need it, fitting seamlessly into their schedules.

2. Tailored Training for Organizational Success:

  • Our flexibility extends to tailored training programs for individual organizations.
  • Customized Content: We’ve curated specific training videos, exercises, and supporting documentation to address organizational project needs.
  • These tailored programs, hosted exclusively on GIS247, ensure in-depth, organization-specific training.

3. Learn Without Limits

  • At GIS247, we believe in limitless learning. Our platform empowers you to explore geospatial technology without boundaries.

Join us on the journey of continuous learning. Discover GIS247 — where knowledge knows no bounds!

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