What is GIS247?

At GIS247, we empower you to excel in geospatial technology. Our expert training courses cover ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS, and QGIS, providing you with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced professional, our comprehensive content ensures that you unlock your full potential.

What is GIS247 training
GIS247 Worldwide GIS training

GIS247 is a dedicated GIS training service for GIS users.

We provide a range of training courses for ArcGIS, ArcGIS Pro, QGIS and MapInfo Professional. Our training is for everyone: whatever your GIS experience or how often you need to use it.

GIS training software video

GIS Video Presentations & Exercises

Our GIS training courses are structured into sections with instructor-led InVision presentations, together with hands-on exercises. InVision presentations show the GIS software in action so you know exactly how to find and use each function. Exercises provide step-by step instructions on how to perform specific tasks and use GIS tools. All presentations and hands-on exercises can be repeated as often as needed to help consolidate learning. This is a key advantage of eLearning.

GIS Essentials training

GIS Essentials for GIS Foundational Knowledge

We provide a range of educational presentations that outline key GIS concepts, essential to all GIS users. Access is included in any GIS247 licence. So in addition to technical training, GIS247 helps users develop a deeper understanding of wider GIS issues.

GIS problem solving and GIS support

Solving GIS Problems and User Support

Even experienced GIS users forget the details of how to use a specific function from time to time. That’s why GIS247 provides a powerful Search function to provide instant support. Running a Search searches the Technical Library and returns a series of instructional videos that show exactly how to use the function/s meeting the ‘search’ criteria. This ability enables users to self support and resolve any queries quickly and easily; allowing them to progress with their work.

So GIS247 is great for always available problem solving too!

GIS quality training

Quality and CPD Points

Our eLearning approach is highly effective! Don’t just take our word for it. Our training is accredited by a number of different professional bodies, including the GIS Certification Institute, The Royal Geographical Society and the Association of Geographic Information.

GIS assessment and accreditation

GIS Assessment Programme

To help ensure that you learn effectively, we also offer an assessment programme. This enables you to earn course certificates as proof of your new GIS skills. As we really want to help you learn, we do this for free as part of your training licence.

GIS training with closed captions

Closed Captions

All our GIS presentations have sound plus closed captions. Closed Captions are useful to reinforce the information being presented and to become familiar with technical terms. They’re also useful when English is a second language and for those with impaired hearing.

GIS training data

GIS Data

For each training coursen you are provided with a set of downloadable GIS data to use in the hands-on exercises. Exercises present simulated real-World scenarios so you learn GIS software in a problem-solving environment. This approach is a proven aid to learning.

GIS Learning Management System

GIS Learning Management System

Our LMS tracks every course video & exercise used by each person in all courses and technical modules for each GIS software. The LMS enables your organisation to control access to specific material and software versions and to check on user progress. They can also review the certificates awarded to each learner.

GIS feedback for GIS247

GIS247 Learner Comments
Below are just a handful of comments from GIS247 users who have benefitted from our GIS training courses.
There are many more testimonials from a diverse range of GIS users.

"We have all found the GIS training to be superb and would very much like to renew the license for another 12 months."

"All my GIS users have been really pleased with the GIS247 training, especially as they can access it when they want for the information they need. It is proving very popular."

"May I take this opportunity to say how much I am enjoying the ArcGIS Pro training courses and I can't wait to complete the next course."

"We would very much like to take up another 12 months of unlimited GIS training."

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