How GIS Training at GIS247 Works

There are 3 simple steps to deciding how GIS247 will meet your GIS training needs:

GIS Training Solution for users of ArcGIS, ArcGIS Pro and QGIS GIS software

Then simply access our awesome GIS training.

Each GIS247 learner has their own user account. This account gives you unlimited access to all the GIS training courses and technical library for your chosen GIS software. Also access to the educational GIS Essentials.

Each user has their own personalised MyGIS247 home page. It provides access to a range of supporting material for your GIS training, such as guidance on training paths and course timings so you can plan your training. Your MyGIS247 home page also keeps track of your course progress and enables you to easily continue your training. It also keeps track of your CPD points and study hours, provides access to our GIS assessment programme and stores your certificates.

Videos on how to use your GIS247 account and access the eLearning are available once you are logged in. Our GIS training courses are simple to follow, although rich in essential information, and will get you using your GIS software quickly.

Our eLearning approach is highly effective! Don’t just take our word for it. Our training is accredited by a number of different professional bodies, including the GIS Certification Institute, The Royal Geographical Society and the Association of Geographic Information.

If your organisation would like to train multiple GIS users, then appoint someone to be an Administrator. Your Administrator can register as many user accounts as your licence permits and this can be done at any time during the licence period. This means that your organisation has complete control over user accounts.

The Administrator gets additional privileges, including the ability to set training targets for each user and to review each user’s training progress. Administrators can also create groups of users and manage user access to specific courses and software versions. Your Administrator is our main contact for the smooth running of your licence.

Support is included in our service. This means that if any user would like help setting things up to get going or has any question at all, we are very happy to assist.

As you may not have access to the latest version of your GIS software, we provide training for a range of different software versions. This is so you can train using the software you actually have access to. It's also great if you upgrade software versions as you already have access to training for the latest version. We offer training in ArcGIS, ArcGIS Pro, QGIS and MapInfo.

With You Every Step of the Way

If any user has a query about using the GIS training resources or would just like some guidance, our GIS247 support team is always available. You can email, or phone and speak to us directly. We’re also happy to advise on individual course requirements and specific topics.

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