QGIS 2.6 Course Timings

Unlock Your Learning Potential with GIS247: Course Durations, Exercise Times, and CPD Points

Effective learning requires thoughtful planning, especially when it comes to training. At GIS247, we recognize the importance of time management in your educational journey. That’s why we provide a detailed breakdown of section timings and estimated completion times for each exercise within our courses. You will see that our training courses are comprehensive and written as complete courses, not fragmented modules stitched together. As such, they are highly effective at imparting skills and represent superb value for money.

Here’s how course timings information can benefit you:

1. Strategic Learning
  • By knowing the time commitment required for each section and exercise, you can strategically allocate your study hours.
  • Whether you’re a busy professional or a dedicated learner, planning ahead ensures efficient progress.
2. CPD Points and Study Hours
  • Each course offers CPD (Continuing Professional Development) points, recognizing your commitment to ongoing learning.
  • Understand the study hours associated with each course, allowing you to balance your personal and professional life effectively.
Why Make Time for Training?
  • Skill Development: Whether you’re watching our learning videos or completing exercises, every moment contributes to your GIS skillset.
  • Career Advancement: Investing time in learning directly impacts your career growth.
  • Personal Progression: Continuous learning enriches your knowledge and opens new opportunities.

Ready to learn? Dive into our courses, explore the details, and unlock your full potential with GIS247!

QGIS 2.6

GIS247 Guide to QGIS 2.6 : Part 1
8H 05M 27S

CPD Points: GISCI (9 hrs = 0.2 pts) RGS (10 pts) AGI (4 pts) SAGC (1 pts)
Section 1 : Getting Started with QGIS36m27sQ26P1 Exercise S011041m00s
Section 2 : Organising GIS Data37m28sQ26P1 Exercise S02833m00s
Section 3 : Interacting with the Map25m00sQ26P1 Exercise S03937m00s
Section 4: Symbolising & Labeling Layers
4A : Symbolising Layers29m53sQ26P1 Exercise S04A1041m00s
4B : Labeling Layers22m50sQ26P1 Exercise S04B728m30s
Section 5 : Working with Selections
5A : Interactive Selection11m40sQ26P1 Exercise S05A624m30s
5B : Attribute Selection19m59sQ26P1 Exercise S05B624m30s
Section 6 : Printing35m40sQ26P1 Exercise S06937m00s
PRESENTATION TOTAL :03H 38M 57SExercise Total:6504H 26M 30S

GIS247 Guide to QGIS 2.6 : Part 2
7H 51M 49S

CPD Points: GISCI (8 hrs = 0.2 pts) RGS (10 pts) AGI (4 pts) SAGC (1 pts)
Section 1 : Essential QGIS Plugins32m15sQ26P2 Exercise S01833m00s
Section 2 : Enhanced Layer Display39m17sQ26P2 Exercise S02937m00s
Section 3 : Geoprocessing28m06sQ26P2 Exercise S031041m00s
Section 4: Analysis
4A : Attribute Analysis19m24sQ26P2 Exercise S04A728m30s
4B : Spatial Analysis26m49sQ26P2 Exercise S04B728m30s
Section 5 : Creating & Editing Data50m36sQ26P2 Exercise S051561m30s
Section 6 : More on Printing12m52sQ26P2 Exercise S06833m00s
PRESENTATION TOTAL :03H 29M 19SExercise Total:6404H 22M 30S

GIS247 Guide to Mastering QGIS 2.6
15H 21M 05S

CPD Points: GISCI (16 hrs = 0.38 pts) RGS (15 pts) AGI (8 pts) SAGC (1 pts)
Section 1 : Starting with QGIS36m45sQ26MA Exercise S011041m00s
Section 2 : QGIS Essentials
2A : Organising GIS Data43m21sQ26MA Exercise S02A8.535m00s
2B : Essential QGIS Plugins27m33sQ26MA Exercise S02B7.530m30s
Section 3 : Interacting with the Map25m00sQ26MA Exercise S037.530m30s
Section 4 : Symbolising & Labeling Layers
4A : Symbolising Layers56m05sQ26MA Exercise S04A1561m30s
4B : Labeling Layers29m46sQ26MA Exercise S04B8.535m00s
Section 5 : Working with Selections
5A : Interactive Selection11m40sQ26MA Exercise S05A5.522m30s
5B : Attribute Selection26m50sQ26MA Exercise S05B8.535m00s
Section 6 : Geoprocessing28m06sQ26MA Exercise S061041m00s
Section 7 : Analysis35m49sQ26MA Exercise S071561m30s
Section 8 : Creating & Editing Data50m36sQ26MA Exercise S0814.559m30s
Section 9 : Printing47m04sQ26MA Exercise S091249m30s
PRESENTATION TOTAL :06H 58M 35SExercise Total:122.508H 22M 30S

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