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GIS247 Free for QGIS 2.x

We have made the presentation from section one of our QGIS 2.x training course available to you for free.
It is valid for users of all QGIS 2.x versions (2.18 to 2.2).

This QGIS 2.x free course consists of :-
section 3 from our GIS247 Guide to QGIS - Part 1 training course
plus 2 GIS Essentials presentations.

This free course is set-up to work in the same way as our full courses available to licenced users.
When you click on a course title on the Training Catalog, its sections are listed (as they are here for the free course).

Click on a Section title to access information about the section together with links to the section assets, such as the presentations and exercise.
Click on the small plus signs to open the list of topics covered by each section.

Relevant to ALL QGIS 2.x versions.

Closed Captions - all presentations contain Closed Captions. Click the CC button on a video to display.
Perfect for those with impaired hearing, those training in a noisy environment or where speakers/headphones are not available.

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Section 1 : Interacting with the Map +

a free Training Course sample taken from Section 3 of the GIS247 Guide to QGIS - Part 1 course

Free GIS Essentials +

two free sample presentations from our GIS Essentials section providing information about essential issues all GIS users should know

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