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A picture paints a thousand words!
How data is symbolised can have a huge impact on how clearly the patterns in spatial data are revealed or consealed. The mini modules in this category address the different options there are for symbolising spatial data in ArcGIS.
It is worth noting that some of these mini modules are longer than normal. This is due to the options that are available when symbolising and creating different legend types.

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Course Sections

Single Symbol Legend +

an examination of the options related to the simplest display option for a feature layer

Unique Values Legend +

a close look at the functionality for displaying spatial features using unique attribute values

Dot Density Legend +

this alternative display option for polygon layers is outlined in this mini module

Graduated Colors Legend +

a detailed look at the creation and modification options for graduated colors legends

Multiple Attributes Legends +

multiple attributes legends are powerful ways of displaying multiple attributes for a single layer

Creating New Styles +

this module outlines how to create your own symbol styles so that your map features are styled exactly as you need

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