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Beginners Guide to ArcGIS 10.3

For new GIS and/or ArcGIS users who wish to utilise the key functions of the software.
This online ArcGIS training course is a perfect introduction to ArcGIS 10.3 and all of its constituent components: ArcMap, ArcCatalog and ArcToolbox. The course includes information on loading spatial and attribute data, symbolising data, building attribute expressions, interactive spatial selection, dynamic label management and producing maps.

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Course Sections

Section 1 : The ArcGIS Software
ArcGIS for Desktop Software, ArcGIS for Desktop: Basic, Standard, Advanced, The ArcGIS Applications, Map Documents: Opening, Using & Key Elements, Layout View & Data View, Table of Contents, Spatial Layers, Attribute Tables & Graphs, The ArcMap GUI, Windows & Auto-Hide, Window Targets, ArcGIS Help
Section 2 : Organising GIS Data
Introduction to ArcCatalog & the Catalog Window, Tree View & Home Folder, Next View & Location, Right-click Context Menu, Toolboxes, The Item Description, Editing Metadata, Shapefile Properties, XY Coordinate Systems, Shapefile Structure, Types of Geodatabase, Geodatabase Structure, Default GeodatabaseIntroduction to the Search Window, Search Indexes & Folders, Search Terms & Tips, Search Wildcards, Search Results
Section 3 : Managing Map Documents & Adding Data
Managing the Map Document, Layout Page Set-Up, Adding Data Frames and Properties, Valid Spatial Data Sources, Adding Spatial Data, Creating & Managing Group Data Layers, Layer (*.lyr) Files, Saving Map DocumentsValid Attribute Data Sources, Adding Stand-Alone Tables, Managing the Table Window, Using XY Coordinates, Managing Event Layers
Section 4 : Symbolising Spatial Data
Single Symbol Legend, Symbol Selector, Searching for Symbols, Styles & TOC Shortcuts, Unique Values Legend; Customisation, Specific Values, Layer Files to Store Symbology, Quantities Legend; Classification Methods, Exclusion, Graduated Colours, Graduated Symbols, Layer Transparency
Section 5 : Using Spatial Data
Controlling Map Scale, Scale Ranges, Full Extent Tool, Managing the Full Extent, Zoom to Layers, Bookmarks, Identify Tool, Measure Tool, Overview Window, Magnifier Window, Viewer WindowLayer Selection, Interactive Selection Methods, Managing the Selection, Exporting a Selection to a New Layer, Creating a Selection Layer, Selection Colour and Style
Section 6 : Attribute Queries & Managing Attribute Tables
Select by Attributes dialog, Selection Methods, SQL Syntax & Error Management, Definition Query on a Layer, Using the Find ToolKey Attribute Fields, Table Appearance, Field Properties, Width & Position, Freezing/Unfreezing Fields, Sorting, Statistics, Interactive Record Selection
Section 7 : Labeling
MapTips, Standard Label Engine, Label Options, Label Style & Customisation, Label Placement/Orientation/Angle & Duplicate Labels, Label Visibility & Scale, Layer Files & Label Properties
Section 8 : Layouts & Map Templates
Layout Elements, The Layout Toolbar , Page & Print Set-Up, Layout Title & Text, Extent Indicators, Controlling the Map Scale, Scale Bars & Scale Text , Adding Tables & Pictures, North Arrows, Creating & Managing Legends, Printing the Layout, Exporting to an Image, Exporting to PDF, Reusing a Layout
Section 9 : Editing
Creating a New Shapefile, Managing Field Structure, Creating a Stand-Alone Table , The Editor Toolbar, Starting an Edit Session, Feature Templates, Construction Tools, The Snapping Environment, Creating New Features, Auto-Complete Features, Copy & Paste Features, Snap to Sketch, Panning & Zooming, Saving EditsEditing Vertices, Move & Move To, Other Editing Tasks, Merge & Union, Map Topology, Select Shared Geometry, Edit Shared GeometryEditing in the Table Window, Using the Attributes Window, Attributes Window Options, Modifying Fields, Field Calculator for Attributes, Functions, Calculate Geometry

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