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ArcGIS 10.3 Courses

Beginners Guide to ArcGIS 10.3

For new GIS and/or ArcGIS users wishing to utilise the key functions of v10.3

Intermediate Guide to ArcGIS 10.3

This course follows on from the Beginners Guide for users with some experience looking to expand their knowledge

Mastering ArcGIS 10.3

A comprehensive course for new & experienced users

Advanced Guide to ArcGIS 10.3

designed to follow on from the Mastering/Intermediate courses for users with good experience of using ArcGIS

ArcGIS 10.3 Modules

A. About ArcGIS

A1. The ArcGIS for Desktop Software

A2. ArcCatalog & The Catalog Window

A3. The Search Window

B. GIS Data Structures

B1. Standard Data Structures

B2. Geodatabases

C. Adding Data

C1. Adding Spatial Data

C2. Adding Attribute Data

C3. Adding Image Data

C4. Geocoding

D. Symbolising

D1. Basic Legend Types

D2. Advanced Legend Types

D3. Managing Styles and Symbols

E. Working in Data View

E1. Interacting with the Map

E2. Interactive Spatial Selection

F. Working in Layout View

F1. Creating Layouts

F2. Data Driven Pages

F3. Data Frames and Grid Styles

G. Working with Attributes

G1. Select by Attributes

G2. Managing Attribute Tables

G3. Advanced Attribute Relationships

H. Spatial Analysis

H1. Geoprocessing

H2. Select by Location

H3. Data Analysis with Spatial Join

I. Shared Data Sources

I1. Basemaps & ArcGIS Online

I2. Sharing Data

J. Editing Data

J1. Creating New Data Sources

J2. Creating New Features

J3. Modifying Spatial Features

J4. Editing Attributes

K. Labels & Annotation

K1. Label Creation & Management

K2. Annotation Creation & Management

K3. Maplex Label Engine

L. ArcGIS Customization

L1. Customizing the ArcGIS Interface

L2. The Model Builder

ArcGIS Training Courses

Actual course content is only accessible to users with a licenced account.

Courses cover a range of functions that are available in the GIS software. These courses provide thorough tuition, covering the range of functions needed to undertake a project. They include presentations, exercises and data.

Modules are function specific. If you have a good overview of the software, modules let you focus on a specific function from its basics through to its most complex aspects.

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