Cyprus Pollen Map

Pollen Mapping

Integrating GIS with standard web pages is a great way of disseminating data. Pollen heatmaps via the Google Maps Platform allow people to better understand the air quality around them. This enables them to make more informed decisions about the air they breathe.

Air Quality Map for Cyprus also available.

NB: Google's pollen overlays are available for North America & Western Europe.


Google pollen maps are integrated into GIS247 via Javascript, PHP, HTML and CSS code developed in-house. This is an example of how high quality spatial data can be disseminated quickly and made accessible to millions of people. Simple solutions are the cornerstone of our philosophy at Sological Solutions, pioneered by our online GIS training service GIS247.

Want to see more countries? Visit our World Map to review where our users are located. Then click on any flag to view the Air Quality GIS map for that country, or (where possible) click on a country's name to view the Pollen GIS map.

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