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The Awareness level of the GIS & Geospatial Skills Framework contains essential GIS learning for all levels of GIS users.

Using the Skills Framework is an effective method to prove your GIS skills and demonstrate your current competency level to utilise the geospatial data and software investment made by your organisation. It also helps GIS managers make informed decisions about talent recruitment, retention, and succession strategies.

The Skills Framework has 4 levels, of which this Awareness level is the first. The other levels are Basic Application, Skilful Application and Mastery. You can progress through the levels by completing GIS training courses and technical modules from the GIS247 Catalog. The Awareness level is available irrespective of the GIS software training you follow, whilst levels 2 to 4 are specific to your ArcGIS, ArcGIS Pro and QGIS training.

Licenced users view their progress through the Skills Framework via a link in their My GIS247 page.

Info Modules

A: GIS Theory & Application

A1.1: What is a Geographic Information System (GIS)?

A1.2: A Brief History of GIS Development

A1.3: An Introduction to GIS Data File Formats

A1.4: Geostatistics & Spatial Statistics

B: GIS Software

B1.1: An Introduction to Raster and Vector Spatial Data

B1.2: The Raster Data Model

B1.3: The Vector Data Model

B1.4: An Introduction to Map Projection

C: Geospatial Data Sources & Structures

C1.1: Remote Sensing

C1.2: Data Storage Tools & Methods

C1.3: Topology

C1.4: An Introduction to GIS Data Accuracy

D: Earth Geometry & Geodesy

D1.1: Elements of Map Projection

D1.2: Different Types of Map Projection

E: Mapping

E1.1: Thematic Mapping

F: Map Interaction

F1.1: Map Interaction

G: Geospatial Analytical Methods

G1.1: Basic Vector Analysis

G1.2: Geospatial Relationships

G1.3: Introduction to Linear Referencing

H: Feature Selection

H1.1: Feature Attribute Link

I: Map Annotation

I1.1: Labeling and Annotation

J: Map (Cartographic) Production

J1.1: Printed Maps vs Onscreen Maps

K: Shared Content

K1.1: WMS & OpenStreetMap

L: Relational Databases

L1.1: Using Relational Databases

M: Data Creation

M1.1: Digitising

M1.2: Introduction to GPS

GIS Skills Framework

Actual course content is only accessible to users with a licenced account.

Awareness modules constitute level 1 of the Skills Framework. They provide a solid foundation on which GIS and geospatial skills can be built. We recommend that all learners complete level 1 of the Skills Framework, including those that need not use GIS software directly.

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