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GIS247 Guide to QGIS 2.4 : Part 1

This course is the perfect introduction to QGIS. The course includes information on loading spatial and attribute data, symbolising data, building attribute expressions, interactive spatial selection, labeling and map composition.

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Course Sections

Section 1 : Getting Started with QGIS
What is QGIS?, Benefits of QGIS, QGIS Platforms & Data Formats, OpenSource Benefits & Drawbacks, Installing QGIS & Sample Data, The QGIS Applications, QGIS Server & QGIS Web Client, Starting QGIS, The QGIS GUI, Controlling Layers, Attribute Data and Tables, QGIS Help, Updating QGIS
Section 2 : Organising GIS Data
The QGIS Browser Application, The QGIS Browser Window, About Vector Data, Popular Vector Formats Explained, Coordinate Reference Systems (CRS) & Projections, CRS & QGIS Projects, CRS & Vector Layers, About Raster Data, CRS & Raster Data, Adding Vector Layers to a QGIS Project, Adding Raster Layers to a QGIS Project, Adding Attribute Tables, Viewing Tables, Saving a QGIS Project
Section 3 : Interacting with the Map
Controlling Map Scale, Zoom Full, Zoom to Layer, Bookmarks, Map Tips Tool, Identify Features Tool, Measure Tool, Grid Decoration, Scale Bar Decoration, North Arrow Decoration, Copyright Decoration, The Overview Panel
Section 4: Symbolising & Labeling Layers
Introduction to Symbolising, Single Symbol Renderer, Categorized Renderer, Graduated Renderer, Graduated Renderer & Choropleth Maps, Save Style & Load Style, Layer & Symbol Transparency, Scale Dependent VisibilityLabeling in QGIS, Layer Labeling Settings, Working with Point Labels, Working with Line Labels, Working with Polygon Labels, Label Priority, Annotation Tool
Section 5 : Working with Selections
Layer Selection, Interactive Selection Tools, Working with Selection, Zooming to Selected Features, Selection Colour, Exporting SelectionThe Attribute Table, Sorting by Fields, Basic Statistics, Column Filter, Select by Expression, Expression Syntax, Add to Selection, Remove from Selection, Select Within Selection, Matching Multiple Values, Recent Selections
Section 6 : Printing
The Print Composer, Preparing a Layout, Adding a Map, Navigation Tools, Map Properties, Adding a Map Grid, Adding Titles and Text, Adding a Legend, Adding a Scalebar, Adding a North Arrow, Adding an Image, Adding Basic Shapes and Arrows, Adding an Attribute Table, Printing and Exporting

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