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QGIS 2.16 Courses

GIS247 Guide to QGIS 2.16 : Part 1

for users new to GIS and/or new to QGIS that wish to utilise the key functions of v2.16

GIS247 Guide to QGIS 2.16 : Part 2

an intermediate level course that follows on from Part 1 to take QGIS users further with the software

GIS247 Guide to Mastering QGIS 2.16

a comprehensive course for new and experienced QGIS users

QGIS 2.16 Modules

A. About QGIS

A1. About the QGIS Software

A2. Using QGIS

B. GIS Data Structures

B1. Data Structures

B2. Raster Data

B3. Adding Layers

B4. Georeferencing Raster Data

B5. Attribute Tables

B6. Web Services

C. Symbolising

C1. Symbolising

C2. More Symbology

D. Labeling

D1. Labeling

D2. Label Priority & Annotation

E. Map View

E1. Map Control

E2. Interactive Map Tools

E3. Map Decorations

F. Selections

F1. Interactive Selection

F2. Working with Tables

F3. Select by Expression

F4. Using SQL

F5. Relating Tables

G. Layouts

G1. Layout Basics

G2. Layout Elements

G3. Layout Output

G4. Atlas Creation

H. Toolbox

H1. Buffer Tools

H2. Geoprocessing Tools

I. Spatial Relationships

I1. Spatial Relationships

I2. Select by Location

J. Editing

J1. Creating New Data Sources

J2. Digitizing Features

J3. Editing Features

J4. Snapping & Topology

J5. Editing Attributes

QGIS Training Courses

Actual course content is only accessible to users with a licenced account.

Courses cover a range of functions that are available in the GIS software. These courses provide thorough tuition, covering the range of functions needed to undertake a project. They include presentations, exercises and data.

Modules are function specific. If you have a good overview of the software, modules let you focus on a specific function from its basics through to its most complex aspects.

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