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GIS Essentials is a collection of key presentations for GIS managers and GIS users in the UK. The UK's geospatial strategy is set by the Geospatial Commission, whilst access to Ordnance Survey's extensive library of UK GIS data is possible via the Public Sector Geospatial Agreement. Essential information about both are included in GIS Essentials. There are also a series of presentations outlining different OS datasets accessible through the PGSA. These GIS datasets offer GIS users highly accurate spatial & attribute data at a range of map scales, in vector and raster format. The GIS Essentials presentations provide key information for GIS managers and GIS users in the UK on getting the best out of this library of quality GIS data.

Info Modules

Key Agreements

The Geospatial Commission

The Public Sector Geospatial Agreement (PSGA)

OS Data Hub

About the OS Data Hub


OS Names API

OS OpenData

What is OS OpenData?

1:250K Colour Raster

1:250K Gazetteer


Code-Point Open

GB Overview Maps


OS Open Greenspace

OS OpenMap - Local

OS Open Names

OS Open Rivers

OS Open Roads

OS Open Zoomstack

OS Terrain 50

OS VectorMap District

OS Data Products


VectorMap Local

1:25K and 1:50K Raster Products

Address Products

Code Point

Unique Identifiers

GIS Modules, GIS Foundation

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Courses cover a range of functions that are available in the GIS software. These courses provide thorough tuition, covering the range of functions needed to undertake a project. They include presentations, exercises and data.

Modules are function specific. If you have a good overview of the software, modules let you focus on a specific function from its basics through to its most complex aspects.

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