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Mastering ArcGIS Pro 3.3.x - NEW

This is a comprehensive online ArcGIS Pro course that covers all the key functions of the software plus the more complex data analysis functions. The course covers creating projects, loading data, symbolising and analysis of attribute and spatial data. Labeling and layout creation is also covered. Suitable for new and experienced users.

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Course Sections

Section 1 : The ArcGIS Pro Software
What is ArcGIS Pro?, ArcGIS Pro Licensing, New ArcGIS Pro Projects, Existing ArcGIS Pro Projects, ArcGIS Pro Interface, Contextual Interface, Docking & Pinning Panes, View Area, ArcGIS Pro Help
Section 2 : Project Essentials
Projects & Maps, Types of Data, Starting a New Project, The ArcGIS Pro Catalog, The Item Description, New Maps, Map Views, Adding Data to a Map, Adding Portal Data to a Map, Importing an ArcGIS Map, Map Coordinate Systems, Displayed Coordinates, The Contents Pane, Controlling Extent, Saving a Project, Open an Existing Project
Section 3 : Symbolising Spatial Data
Single Symbol Legend, Single Symbols, Unique Values Legend, Unique Values Multiple Fields, Grouping Values, Unique Values: Group Headings, Import Symbology, Graduated Colors, Excluded Values, Classification Methods, Setting the Classification, Format Color Scheme, Format Multiple Symbols, Label CustomisationNormalization, Graduated Symbols, Proportional Symbols, Unclassed Colors, Layer Transparency, Dot Density
Section 4 : Using Spatial Data
Explore & Navigator, Scale Range, Scale Based Symbol Classes, Full Extent Tool, Map Extent Clipping, Zoom to Layer, Zoom to Group Layer, Reference Scale, Bookmarks, Identifying Features, Identify Pop-up Controls, Faster Identify, Locate Pane, Measure ToolLayer Selection, Select Tools, Selection Combination Modes, Interactive Selection Graphic, Interactive Selection Mode, Selection Functions, Selected Attributes, Selection Colors, Exporting Selection, Creating a Selection Layer
Section 5 : Working with Attributes
Select by Attributes, Select Result Summary, New Selection, Adding to the Current Selection, Remove from the Current Selection, Select Subset from the Current Selection, Edit SQL Mode, Formulas in Expressions, Logical Operators, Grouping Classes, Switch and Clear Selection, Wildcards, Using Field Aliases, Saving Expressions, Definition QueryKey Attribute Fields, Selected Records, Field Properties, Field Width & Position, Sorting by Fields, Field Statistics, Exporting Records, Creating Summary TablesMatching Tables, Creating a Join, Using a Join, Removing a Join, Joins & Missing Data, Exporting Joined Data, Creating a Relate, Using a Relate, Removing a Relate
Section 6 : Labeling
Maplex Labeling, Labeling Classes, Text Symbols, Unplaced Labels, Label Placement: Polygons, Fixed Placement: Polygons, Label Placement: Lines, Label Placement: Points, Rotating Point Labels, Duplicate Labels, Label Scale Range, List By Labeling, Label Expressions, Expression Functions, Label Conflict Detection, Polygon Boundary Weight
Section 7 : Layouts & Map Series
Creating a New Layout, Rulers and Guides, Map Frame, Layout Navigation, Map Frame Grids, Extent Indicators, Layout Title & Text, Alignment & Sizing, Controlling Map ScaleScale Bar, Scale Text, Layout Contents Pane, North Arrows, Table Frames, Adding Pictures, Adding a Legend, Legend Properties, Additional Text & Graphics, Printing & Exporting a Layout, Exporting a Layout to PDF, Sharing a LayoutMap Series, Create a Map Series, Sorting a Map Series, Dynamic Text, Grouping Pages, Map Page Extent, Export Options, Grid Based Map Series
Section 8 : Feature Analysis
Accessing Tools, The Clip Tool, Intersect, Union, Dissolve, Geoprocessing Results, The Buffer Tool, Defining Buffer Distance, Dissolving Buffers, Geodesic Buffers, Multiple Ring Buffers, Managing Multiple Polygon Ring BuffersUsing Select By Location, Intersect, Within a Distance, Using the Selection Method, Sharing Line Segments, Within & Completely Within, Contains & Completely Contains, Additional Spatial Selection Methods
Section 9 : Shared Content
Layer Packages, Packaging Multiple Layers, Using a Layer Package, Package Layer Tool, Map Packages, Using a Map Package, Mapx Files

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