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ArcGIS 9.2 Courses

Beginners Guide to ArcGIS 9.2

For new GIS and/or ArcGIS users wishing to utilise the key functions

Intermediate Guide to ArcGIS 9.2

This course follows on from the Beginners Guide for users with some experience looking to expand their knowledge

Mastering ArcGIS 9.2

A comprehensive course for new & experienced users

Advanced Guide to ArcGIS 9.2

designed to follow on from the Mastering/Intermediate courses for users with good experience of using ArcGIS

Advanced Editing with ArcGIS 9.2

for confident ArcGIS users, a specialist course focusing on the complex editing functionality of ArcGIS

Spatial Statistics with ArcGIS 9.2

for confident ArcGIS users, a specialist course focusing on the use and interpretation of the spatial statistics tools

ArcGIS 9.2 Mini Modules


Data Conversion


Raster Catalog

XY Coordinates to Points


Connecting to External Databases

Data View

Interacting with the TOC


Overview, Magnifier & Viewer

Bookmarks & My Places

Group Layers


Understanding ArcGIS

Layout View

Extent Rectangles

Layout Scale

Additional Layout Elements

Layout Legends

Creating & Using Layout Templates

Creating & Preparing Data Frames


Creating Summary Tables


Single Symbol Legend

Unique Values Legend

Dot Density Legend

Graduated Colors Legend

Multiple Attributes Legends

Creating New Styles

ArcGIS Training Courses

Actual course content is only accessible to users with a licenced account.

Courses cover a range of functions that are available in the GIS software. These courses provide thorough tuition, covering the range of functions needed to undertake a project. They include presentations, exercises and data.

Modules are function specific. If you have a good overview of the software, modules let you focus on a specific function from its basics through to its most complex aspects.

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