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How it Works

Using GIS247.com could not be more straight forward, whether you've purchased as an individual or purchased a multi-user licence.

Multi-user licence
1) On acquiring your full licence to GIS247, appoint someone from your organisation to be a GIS247 Training Administrator. They will administer their users' access to the site (supported by us at all times, of course!) - when your licence begins they will be emailed all the information they need
2) Your GIS247 Training Administrator assigns user accounts for all your users that need access to professional, high-quality GIS training
3) Once a user has been given an account they will be automatically emailed log-in instructions so all they have to do is log-in to GIS247 and start to enjoy unlimited GIS training whenever they want.

Individual licence
1) Once you've purchased your licence, you will be emailed a link with your password. Everything else is set-up for you, so when you log-in, you will have access to the courses you chose.

All licences
A licence is for either 12 or 24 months and can be for either a set number of users or for an unlimited number of users. For more information on licences and pricing click here...

During your licence period, you can register as many user accounts as your licence permits: either a set maximum with a "Set User" licence or unlimited with an "Ultimate" licence. Users of multi-user licences must be permanent members of staff with an official email address for your company. The only restriction we place on this email address is that your GIS247 Training Administrator must tell us the email suffix (i.e. @gis247.com) for your account: all your user accounts must then use that suffix.

There is then no limit to the number of times that licenced users can access the site, all of its resources including new material added during your licence period, submit training assessments and repeat training material.

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