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Cost Comparison

GIS247.com offers great savings compared to the cost of sending people on hosted courses.

Traditional training course “fees” per employee :-
• Cost of training course
• Travelling expense to and from training venue (per mile if travelling by car, train fare plus taxi fare to/from train station if travelling by train)
• Accommodation expense for each night of training course
• Subsistence expense to cover meals
• Lost office time

GIS247 training courses :-
• One fixed cost to train ALL employees on ALL courses

And remember that with GIS247 there are :-
• No individual training course costs
• No travelling expenses
• No accommodation expenses
• No subsistence expenses
• No lost office time

A simple comparison (excluding VAT).
A company has 5 employees that need training in ArcGIS. To send them on a traditional 3 day training course will cost £900 per employee for the course. The nearest training location is 50 miles away and as part of the company’s environmental policy, the train is the preferred method of transport. To save expenses, the employees have to travel to the training course on the morning of the course’s first day. This means catching a train at 0730. All 5 employees have to get up at around 0630 to reach their departure station on time.

Each train ticket costs £50. On arrival, the 5 employees manage to find a taxi capable of taking all 5 in one journey and charges them £15 to take them to the course venue. They arrive at the course venue on time, although tired from their early start and journey.

At the end of the first two day’s training (at 430pm, 10 hours after getting out of bed on the first day), the 5 employees retire to their hotel. Each hotel room costs £70 per night but fortunately includes breakfast. The employees’ company allows them £15 each per night subsistence.

When the third day’s training ends, all 5 employees again manage to find a taxi to take all of them to the train station. This costs £15.

After their return journey deposits them at their original starting station at 7pm, they find their way home. They are all due back into work by 0900 the next day.

The costs involved with this traditional scenario for a 3 DAY training course are :

1. Total Hosted Course cost.......5 x £900=£4,500
2. Total Accommodation cost.....10 x £70=£700(2 x 5 nights)
3. Total Subsistence cost...........10 x £15=£150(5 x 2 nights)
4. Total Travel cost...................5 x £50=£250
5. Total Other cost...................2 x £15=£30
TOTAL COST for 1 course for 5employees=£5,630

Alternatively, the cost of training for all of the company’s employees for 1 YEAR with a GIS247 "unlimited" licence is :-

1. GIS247 Licence for ALL ArcGIS courses for ALL employees is 1 x £3250 = £3,250
TOTAL COST for ALL courses for ALL employees = £3,250

This makes for a simple comparison :
HOSTED COST (1 course for 5 employees)=£5,630
GIS247 COST (ALL courses for ALL employees)=£3,250

This simple comparison shows that a GIS247 licence would save the company £2,380 on this 1 course (a staggering 42% saving).
Any additional training that the company's GIS users would require in the same year would mean even greater savings as this training is included in the GIS247 licence cost.

Note that if the company in question only had these 5 employees requiring GIS training, it could make even greater savings by purchasing a "set user" licence to GIS247.com instead of an "unlimited" licence. "Set User" licences offer even greater value for money if you do not need the flexibility of creating unlimited accounts. A "set user" licence would still provide all 5 employees with 1 year's access to ALL the training courses at GIS247.com for their GIS software.

With an unlimited licence for GIS247, the company can train all of its other employees too and all of these employees can undertake not just the 3 day course but follow an entire training path, from the Beginner’s level, to the Intermediate level, all the way to the Advanced level.

With GIS247 they can do all of this from their own work place or even from home if they wish, any time of the day.

GIS247 also offers great benefits to course delegates in learning GIS skills, which after all, is the whole point of embarking on a training course in the first place.

If you would like to run your own cost comparison, please feel free to download our Cost Comparison spreadsheet. You can adjust the number of users, number of days, course cost and other costs to see a cost comparison between traditional hosted courses and an "unlimited" licence at GIS247.com. If you want to compare against a "set user" licence, just contact us for a quotation based on the number of user accounts you require.

Of course, GIS247.com offers great benefits in addition to cost savings. Just click the links on the left for Benefits to Your Company and Benefits to You.

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