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Benefits to Your Company

GIS247.com offers considerable benefits to your organisation in many areas.......

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Unlimited Training
With GIS247 you can
• provide your users with unlimited training in ArcGIS or MapInfo (or both) for a full 12 months - access to ALL courses, ALL mini & super modules, ALL versions
• GIS247 provides the ability to widen the GIS knowledge in your organisation and the depth of that knowledge
• As new courses become available they are included in a licence at no additional cost
• Stay one step ahead of software upgrades - get everyone trained on the latest "What's New" course before installing the upgrades or even just review the presentations to keep up to date
• Courses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
• Courses are available to users from anywhere with an adequate internet connection
• e-learning approach means that users are not "lost" from the office

Provide GIS Training for ALL your Users
• There is no need to choose or restrict who gets sent for training - everyone can be trained
• Unearth hidden GIS talents from new/novice users for no extra cost
• Make users better able to self-serve freeing up the time of specialists
• Contunue to support advanced users with access to the advanced and specialist training - deepening their knowledge and expertise
• Create a Skill Wave - the effect of training one GIS user radiates outwards improving the situation for many. With multiple GIS users learning and generating their own ripples, the Skill Wave radiates throughout an organisation. This elevation of the ability of all is one of the finest benefits from the GIS247 approach.

Easy Way to Manage the Training Budget
• Single annual fee – the cost of meeting your organisation's GIS training requirements is fixed at a low level regardless of changing individual requirements or staff changes - freeing funds for other projects
• The single fee approach provides an incredible Return on Investment (ROI) for unlimited training for an unlimited number of users for 12 months.
• No need to send individuals on expensive hosted courses
• No travel and accommodation expenses
• No loss of productivity whilst users are away attending hosted courses

Professional Courses
• We have over 15 years of developing GIS training courses. Not only do we understand the GIS software, we also understand what customers want from their training. This experience has been applied to the resources available at GIS247.com
• The resources at GIS247 are not rehashed material from hosted courses. They consist of professionally produced presentations with prepared voice-overs, new and extensively tested exercises and data developed to give users a thorough understanding of how to work with a range of data sets.

Training Support
• Our training support packages give you the flexibility to include professional and experienced support to your users whilst they follow the training material at GIS247
• Once a user returns from a hosted course, they are largely on their own. If any of the course material has not "stuck", they have to resort to help files or internet searches for assistance. With a GIS247 Training Support package, users can contact one of our trainers for assistance with a specific exercise or even for help in their own work with a function covered by one of the courses
• Training Support also lets you limit the number of support queries individual users can make to prevent certain users exhausting your allocation

Be Good to the Environment
• Many companies now have environmental policies requiring employees to assess the environmental impact of any travelling. With GIS247 requiring no travelling for training at all, the environmental impact of your GIS training could not be lower!
• We provide all of our course exercises as PDF documents. Although your users do have the option to print these out, there is no need to do so. Exercises can be viewed on screen whilst being completed, saving paper and other resources.

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