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Advantages over Hosted Courses

The provision of training through GIS247 offers considerable advantages over traditional hosted training courses.

With a traditional training course you
• Have to travel to where the training course is being provided
• Attend at the set times dictated by the training provider
• Get to listen to the presentation material once
• View a static slide whilst the trainer explains the topic shown by the slide
• Can not pause presentation material
• Can not repeat presentation material
• Get to undertake a hands-on exercise once
• Get to undertake a hands-on exercise for as long as the trainer permits
• Get to undertake a hands-on exercise at your speed and risk not being able to complete the exercise OR undertake an exercise as quickly as possible to finish the exercise but then not understand what you were doing OR complete an exercise and then wait whilst the slowest delegate completes the exercise
• Have to move to the next section, even if you did not fully understand the previous one
• Sit through an entire day’s worth of training, even if you feel that you have had enough after half a day

With GIS247 you can :-
• Access training wherever you want (as long as you have an internet connection)
• Access training whenever you want
• Listen to the presentation material as often as you want
• Repeat individual slides in the presentation as many times as you need
• View an animated presentation that shows interactions with the software together with an explanation of what is happening
• Pause the presentation at any time
• Repeat the presentation material at any future date
• Repeat training course exercises as often as you want
• Revisit the training material at any point in the future when you are actually working with a specific function of the software at that time
• Take as long as you need over the course exercises
• Complete the course exercises at your own pace without feeling rushed AND ensuring that you understand the functionality as you interact with the software
• Review a section to make sure you fully understand that topic before moving on to the next one
• Dip into the training as time, need and your mood dictates and stay logged in to GIS247.com for as long as you wish
• Ask the GIS247.com training support team questions if you have Training Support

GIS247 offers considerable savings in financial terms.

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