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What is GIS247? - online GIS training

GIS247 is a total e-Learning solution for GIS.
We provide training courses in ArcGIS and MapInfo Professional and GIS Essentials modules.
Our self-paced learning is comprehensive, flexible and affordable and we provide a full range of training courses and technical modules for all levels of GIS user.

GIS247.com is
• A single site that can meet all of your GIS training requirements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
• A rich GIS training resource available at a small fixed cost for an entire year's training
• A resource that you can access at a time and location of your choosing
• A way to access comprehensive training courses at a significant cost saving compared to traditional courses
• A wide selection of training courses and separate training modules
• A valuable resource with different levels of training, from Beginners to Advanced
• A way to train without having to spend days away from the office
• A great way to save costs and maximise the return from your budget with no travelling or subsistence costs
• A training resource that you can repeat as often as necessary
• A unique service that allows you to download data and complete exercises as many times as you want
• The chance to enrol in software assessment to prove proficiency
• A way to support learning with Training Support available to reinforce the learning process
• A unique opportunity to create your own custom courses from the building blocks that we provide
• An opportunity to tailor courses to use your own company's data
• A way to support your environmental policies - no travelling means no unnecessary environmental impact

Individual Training GIS247.com offers a number of different ways to access training, including a "Set User" licence for 1-9 users. This means GIS247 can cost-effectively provide the resources you need if you are looking for training for just yourself or a small company/department. In addition, all GIS247 courses are AGI accredited for the CPD scheme and so completing online training at GIS247 will count towards your Continuing Professional Development.

Train ALL your GIS users GIS247.com presents a unique opportunity for an organisation to provide comprehensive GIS training to all of its users without the overheads normally associated with training courses. The range of resource available (from Beginners to Advanced) means that there is something here for everyone, from the new user through to the experienced user. And these users can access as much information as and when they need it most. In terms of cost, it represents incredible value with an annual licence for all of your users costing little more than it might currently cost you to send 2 or 3 people on a single hosted course. We also offer the option of purchasing a licence for a set number of users and a special academic licence for educational establishments.

Cost is not the only area in which GIS247 offers you and your company enormous benefits.

Save travelling, learn from anywhere
Users can access GIS247 at their workplace, removing the need for them to spend days away from the office. This also saves the considerable monetary expense of course fees, travelling and subsistence costs as well as the time penalties involved in travelling to and from a training course. Users can even top-up their training from home, whilst working at a customer site - from wherever they need.

Target your training Users can also target the training they need – either an entire course pitched at their level (Beginners, Intermediate, Mastering or Advanced) – or simply modules that explain the use of specific functions within the required software. And they can undertake this training at a time and location of their choosing – not necessarily spending 2 or 3 entire days on a training course where naturally, most people find that bits of information get forgotten as more and more new material is presented. GIS247.com overcomes this by allowing people to follow as much or as little training material as they want with each visit AND by repeating modules as many times as they wish.

Downloadable data and exercises GIS247.com also overcomes another limitation of traditional training courses by providing the data necessary to repeat course exercises. Rather than attending a course and getting one chance to complete an exercise whilst on the course itself, users can download data to their computer to enable them to repeat exercises as many times as necessary to become proficient at using the software.

Skill assessment GIS247.com also presents the opportunity for users to prove their proficiency with their software by optionally enrolling on an assessment programme. Specific exercises and data can be downloaded that set a user tasks to perform with the software. The results gained from these tasks can then be submitted back to GIS247.com for assessment and on attaining the required standard, rewarded with a pass or distinction certificate.

Training Support GIS247.com provides another powerful resource through its optional Training Support programme. Subscribers are provided with a number of credits that can be used via email, chat or voice training support, enabling users to receive assistance whilst completing their training material from GIS247.com’s expert trainers.

More information We have prepared information for you to read about GIS247. Just see the links in the sidebar to the right of this page. Of course, if you have any questions that you would like answering, click the Contact Us tab at the top of the page. You can then email us a query via the form or pick up the phone and give us a ring. You can also watch a demonstration of GIS247 by clicking the image of a LCD monitor above.

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