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What You Get with a Licence to E-Learning at GIS247

A licence to GIS247 gives you access to ALL the e-Learning for your chosen software.

• to ALL the training courses for your chosen software (ArcGIS, MapInfo, QGIS or all 3)
• to training courses for ALL VERSIONS of your chosen software – this is great for instances where multiple versions of the software are being used and to accommodate upgrade training or even just allowing users to ‘take a look’ at the changes in other versions
• to ALL the modules : Technical Mini Modules, Technical Super Modules and Education Modules (GIS Essentials)
• to modules for ALL VERSIONS of your chosen software

• an integrated Learning Management System (LMS) which keeps track of each individual’s progress
• your organisation's own GIS247 Administrator(s) who can set up and manage user accounts
• administrator capabilities to create groups, manage access and review user progress
• included Site Support
• access to our Training Assessment and Certificate process - this gives each user the ability to submit an assessment for each training course they follow and providing they pass are awarded a certificate proving that they have gained the skills to be competent at using the software to that level
• automatic access to all additional material that we make available at no extra cost during the duration of your licence
• unrestricted access to all this for the 12 month or 24 month duration of your licence

With an Ultimate Licence you get all this for a totally unlimited number of users from your organisation.
With a Set User Licence you get all this for the set number of users from your organisation.
With Individual and Academic/Charity licences you get all this as well.
For a list of licence prices visit Pricing

GIS247 Licences All Your GIS Users
Note that our ArcGIS courses are relevant to Basic, Standard and Advanced (formerly ArcView, ArcEditor and ArcInfo) licences and provide online training for using the applications that come with an ArcGIS licence (namely ArcMap, ArcCatalog and ArcToolbox).

ALL Training Courses
Take a quick look at the Training Catalog to see the comprehensive list of training courses and modules that are available to all of your GIS users. Click on the Courses tab to review the full courses and the Modules tab to review the separate information modules.

We are making available all of our training courses through GIS247.com. That means all of the presentation material, all of the exercises and the data you will need to undertake the exercises. ALL of the training material has been specifically written for GIS247, so that even if you have attended one of Sological Solutions' hosted courses, it is still worth your time accessing that course's material. You will find comprehensive explanations in the presentations and newly written exercises to practice using the software's functions. And of course, whereas you may have attended one or two of our hosted courses, you can now undertake all of our courses as many times as you like without having to pay any additional fees above the initial GIS247 licence fee.

Presentations & Software Demonstrations
In each course you will find multiple sections. Some sections have just 1 part but others are split into multiple parts. Each part of a section will have a presentation for you to watch with a scripted voice-over describing what you are watching. The visual part of the presentation shows the software with supporting text and graphics to aid your understanding. The voice-over not only explains the operation of the software, but provides valuable explanations on how the functions work and tips for ease of use. The presentations are high-quality, optimised for rapid download but still in a high resolution format that looks great at 1280x1024 or even finer. These are not small web-player tutorials; these are professional presentations that look stunning whether being viewed by an individual on their own monitor or by multiple users in a training suite using a projector.

We are also proud to introduce our first new development since launching GIS247.com - InVision training. InVision training is an additional presentation that further enhances your learning by showing detailed interaction with the software itself. The functions explained and illustrated in the first presentation in each section are then shown in action by the InVision presentation. So, by watching both presentations, you will learn how a function works and see it in action. This brings you the best of both Worlds - a training presentation followed by a software demonstration.

Downloadable Data & Exercises
Each part of each course has an exercise for you to download. The exercises are in pdf format.
When you first start a course, you will be able to download a zip file of course data and prepared map documents. These form the basis of the exercises. The exercises are where you get your hands-on to the GIS software, with the exercise guiding you through the functions described in the presentation. Many of the exercises will present a simulated real-World scenario so that you learn the functions in a problem-solving environment that we have found is proven to aid learning.

Optional skill assessment
Exercises also ask questions - when you finish a course, you can optionally fill out an assessment form with your answers to these questions and send it to us. We will check your answers, assign you a grade and provided that you have reached a predetermined pass mark, reward you with a certificate proving your new proficiency with the GIS software. For more information about our Assessment service click here...

Extra Modules
In addition to full training courses, we have also added individual modules. These are divided into Mini Modules and Super Modules. Essentially, a mini module consists of a short presentation about a specific function or feature. A Super Module contains a longer presentation about software functionality or how to complete specific tasks. Super Modules have exercises tailored to the use of the functions outlined in the module.

All of your company's employees with a GIS247 user account will be able to access all of the training courses and all of the training modules for your chosen GIS software.

What's even better is that as we add more courses and more modules, these will be immediately available to you, providing you have the relevant GIS247 licence.

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