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Training Support

Training Support can be optionally purchased and added to your GIS247 licence.

Training Support will answer queries that arise whilst you view presentations or undertake exercises. It will aim to resolve queries related to the implementation of the functions covered by the training material in your own work.

Training Support is offered at three different levels. You can purchase more then one level of Training Support if you wish.

1. Email Support (35 emails per organisation)
Email your query to our training support team. Response within 24 hours.
Email allows you to explain your query in more detail and to attach screen shots if required.

2. Live Messaging Support (25 chats per organisation)
Live text messaging available through GIS247.com. Immediate live response.
Receive instant live help from one of our trainers.

3. Live Voice Support (25 calls per organisation)
Live voice support available through GIS247. Speak directly to a member of our support team.
Receive instant live help from one of our trainers.

Note that live messaging and live voice training support will be available at times between 0900 and 1700 GMT.

The types of query covered by Training Support include :-

1) In the presentations I learnt how to add an Excel spreadsheet to ArcMap. Is it possible to add a subset of data from my own data fiie as a worksheet as a table - I am having trouble doing ?
2) I want to change some of the default settings of ArcMap but can't remember how to access these settings. Can you help?
3) Why doesn't the thematic map that I am creating on my own data in MapInfo seem to be updating?

For information on prices for these Training Support options click here...

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