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Benefits to You

GIS247.com offers considerable benefits to you as an individual........

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Knowledge & Skill Development
GIS247 gives you
• Personal access to a rich resource of information on how to use either the ArcGIS or MapInfo software
• Ability to develop knowledge and skills at your own pace using courses and/or technical modules
• You can repeat presentations as often as you wish to ensure that you haven't missed anything
• You can do the course exercises at your own pace and repeat as often as you want
• Access to GIS247 is for 12 months so you can follow multiple courses building up your expertise at no extra cost
• Develop your skills beyond what your company's training budget would normally allow
• Greater knowledge of the software will improve your efficiency and allow you to utilise the different functions in the most effective way - saving you time and making you a more valuable employee

Individual Flexibility
GIS247 training gives you
• Flexibility to dip into specific topics to refresh your memory
• Flexibility to access parts or courses or individual modules to build your knowledge about specific functions
• Flexibility to undertake training when it is most useful to you
• Flexibility to follow the training path/course(s) that are of most interest to you
• Flexibility to view just the presentations or do the exercises

• Option to follow an entire structured programme of training or just the bit you have time for or have interest in
• Unlike on a hosted course there is no time pressure to complete exercises – can do the exercises at your own pace and as many times as you wish
• To get some training in short blocks or as full days
• To follow the training by yourself or in groups (a number of our customers use GIS247 on internal 'training days')
• You can access GIS247 from anywhere with an internet connection; home or work
• No need to travel away from home or to take time out from the office

Personal Accreditation
GIS247 training allows you to
• earn CPD points as part of the AGI's Continuing Professional Development scheme
• earn educational credits towards the GIS Certification Institute's GIS Professional (GISP) status award
• undertake free GIS247 training assessments as part of your licence - certificates are awarded for pass and distinction grades. This will provide proof of your GIS user/developer capabilities making you a more valuable employee. Take a look at Rosie's achievements.

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